Luonto Sofa Bed Collection

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Ecologically responsible, craftsman-made sofa beds from Finland.

  • Locally grown, farmed timber, all natural materials and safe water-based glues… these are just a few of the ways that Luonto make some of the best sofa beds to be found whilst helping to maintain a safe, clean and diverse environment both for today and future generations.

  • Luonto is a family owned furniture maker based in northern Finland.  Every Luonto sofa bed is individually hand made by skilled Scandinavian craftsmen using, wherever possible, locally-sourced materials.

  • Quality, good design and comfort make Luonto an excellent choice for your home but also make Luonto the intelligent choice for the environment.

Every Luonto sofa bed makes a comfortable sofa that you can use every day… without even realising it can be folded out quickly to make a full size bed, that you can use every night!

All models are modular in design to allow them to be taken apart so they will fit through most doorways or up the smallest of staircases. 

Space Saving 
Many Luonto sofa beds include built-in storage space for bedding or other things. 

Despite their comfort some models are very compact too, and can be as little as 91 cm deep (for example the Uni), which make them ideal for smaller rooms and spaces.

Fabrics with Aqua Stop 
Our Luonto range of sofa beds are upholstered in Naomi fabric. 

Soft, luxurious and available in many wonderful colours, this excellent fabric also includes “Aqua Stop” technology which put simply means most spills will simply wipe-away keeping your sofa looking good for many years. 

Luonto Sofa Beds in Stock 
As with all our sofa beds and futons we keep extensive stocks so many models can be delivered to you in just a few days. 

Alternatively we can order any Luonto sofa bed, from their extensive range, to your exact specification. 

Showroom Display 
Our factory display room has over 30 models of sofa beds on show with examples from Luonto and all our other makers as well as futons and sofa beds we produce here in our dedicated workshops.