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Details are what allow individuals to stand out and it is details that give Prostoria sofa beds their mark of individuality.






The combination of innovative ideas, technology and craftsmanship make Prostoria truly outstanding.  Created by a dedicated and highly experienced team of leading designers our sofa beds from Prostoria are recognised for their contribution to cutting-edge European design.

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Award Winning

The REVOLVE was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2012, the UP-LIFT and Polygon the German Design Council Award for Interior Innovation 2014.





Made from the finest quality materials and individually hand-crafted in Croatia these sofa beds are without equal.  Stylish and comfortable, practical and effective, each one provides a comfortable seating experience and yet converts effortlessly into full-sized beds with minimal effort.

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Showroom Display

The Pil-Low, Up-Lift and Revolve are usually on display in our showroom where you can experience these wonderful designs in full.  In our showroom we also have the full range of all Prostoria fabrics on view offering even more choice than the ones shown on our website.  

Additionally we are able to offer all other products from Prostoria on a made-to-order basis, giving you the opportunity to own an absolutely unique piece.

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Held in Stock

Our display models are usually held in stock in our dedicated warehouse for immediate despatch in selected fabrics.

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